Customer focused / VP Lux

Customer focused

VP LUX offer a uniquely customerfocused Securities Issuance service. Our strong partnerships throughout the global CSD and Depository industry mean you benefit from a streamlined process built on efficiency, transparency and trust.

At VP LUX, we’re open to your way of business.


As the first user-owned issuer CSD in Luxembourg, VP LUX offers a complete, fully international Securities Issuance service for Agent Banks, Funds and other companies for whom flexibility, efficiency and trust are priorities.

Our strong partnerships within the international Securities Issuance, Settlement and Depository industries means that we can create specific solutions based on your individual requirements. And thanks to our size and open culture, we are able to provide a highly transparent, low-cost service supported by proven business processes and sophisticated IT systems.

At VP LUX we are open to your needs. Our unique, collaborative approach offers the best way to deliver on your goals and support your success, today and in the future.

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