Market specialist / VP Lux

Market specialist

Fund companies are gearing up for increased distribution across Denmark and Scandinavia. As the first CSD in Luxembourg, our unique blend of local expertise and international reach means we are perfectly placed to help.

And with years of experience and specialist capabilities in Securities Issuance and cross-border transfer, we know exactly how to support your success.


VP LUX has a strong track record of supporting Luxembourg’s leading Fund companies with a full spectrum of services, expertise and advantages.

We are the first Issuer CSD in Luxembourg and, combined with the capabilities of VP SECURITIES as a Danish Investor CSD, we are uniquely placed to offer you full support as you gear up for increased distribution across Denmark and Scandinavia.

Approaching 2016, we are not only becoming fully compliant with TS2, but we are dedicated to making sure our customers also remain ahead of the curve. To this end, we’ve been specialising in cross-border settlement since our launch in 2008 and are constantly investing in new and better ways to support your evolving needs.

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