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International Distribution

Investment funds often look to market an issuance to as wide an investor audience as possible. This often requires access to settlement venues in multiple countries. Clearing and settlement of securities needs to be done in real time with cash settlement through the Eurosystem.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Distribution to the European capital market 
  • Gateway to all European settlement venues covering all relevant needs
  • Clearing services for dematerialised securities in Euro
  • Real-time clearing and settlement of securities  (RTGS)
  • Cash settlement through the Eurosystem using the future-proof T2S platform from 2016.

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Wide network

VP LUX has links to the most important investor markets. Today we are connected to VP SECURITIES A/S (Denmark) and Clearstream Banking (Luxembourg), and indirectly to Euroclear Bank (Belgium) and SIS SIX (Switzerland).

VP LUX is set to introduce access to settlement with the Eurosystem TARGET2-SECURITIES (T2S) platform in 2016.