Investment Funds Issuance / VP Lux

Investment Funds Issuance

The Investment funds industry today is characterised by numerous manual processes and fragmented infrastructures, resulting in unnecessary risks and additional costs. Issuing investment funds through VP LUX improves efficiency throughout the lifecycle of an investment fund – from the administration of issues and redemptions, re-investments and distribution of fees, all the way to ensuring the appropriate level of investor communication.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Fully automated issue and redemption process, as well as calculation and processing of Corporate Actions
  • Reduction of risk through DvP and cash settlement in central bank money 
  • Reduced liquidity cost as there is no requirement to maintain collateral or cash at VP LUX
  • A high degree of investor protection as deposit of fund units are secured in a CSD
  • Excellent gateway for global distribution via links to important markets and access to major settlement venues including the upcoming European settlement platform T2S
  • Comprehensive service embracing the entire Investment Fund Issuance process 
  • Efficient transaction reporting based on international standards (ISO 15022 and ISO 20022) or our web-interface vp.ONLINE™

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Complete service

VP LUX employs a cost-effective, robust and streamlined support system for Investment Funds to take care of all processes in connection with distribution and servicing of issuances. Our services can be customised to fit internal Investment Fund processes and specific needs.

In addition to comprehensive experience and competences in connection with Investment Fund issuances, VP LUX provides personal relationship management through a single point of contact for expert advice and services.