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Transfer Agents

Investment funds require a high degree of professionalism from their Transfer Agents, assisting them in managing the issuance and distribution of the fund. VP LUX can assist Transfer Agents with this task by offering a cost-efficient infrastructure. Our platform automates the entire lifecycle of an investment fund including issuance and redemptions, Corporate Actions processing and distribution and other administrative functions.


Your benefits from our solutions

  • Ability to serve as an outsourcing partner facilitating Transfer Agent business models and organising ancillary services such as proxy voting and meeting services for funds
  • Supporting Transfer Agent compliance with KYC and AML responsibilities through flexible reporting 
  • Reducing settlement risk via cash settlement in central bank money
  • Efficient connectivity through an automated Swift interface for both issuers and Transfer Agents 
  • Your local partner in Luxembourg with a commitment to expanding the international CSD solution for Fund distribution envisaging a more efficient business model

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Cost-efficient service

VP LUX employs a cost-effective, robust and streamlined support system for Transfer Agents to take care of all processes in connection with a professional investment fund issue including distribution to investors. Our services can be customised to fit the individual Transfer Agents processes and specific needs.

In addition to comprehensive experience and competences in connection with issuances, VP LUX appoints personal relationship managers, providing clients with a single point of contact for expert advice and services.

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