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IR and Communication Services

In today´s ever changing global markets and challenging economic environment, maintaining the existing investor base with long term interests and attracting new investors is essential. A lack of structured Investor Relations procedures and poor Investor Communication can make it difficult and costly to attract new capital. Many IR-professionals spend more time on preparing communication rather than meeting and building good relations with investors and other stakeholders.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Our services enable you to focus on closer relations with investors and other stakeholders
  • Complete overview and efficient planning of roadshows and meetings to improve Investor Relations
  • Efficient and enhanced two-way web communication with your investors via the InvestorPortal
  • Targeted and relevant investor communication through multiple communication channels such as web, e-mail or postal services
  • Possibility of outsourcing all related processes to VP LUX

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IR solutions and reports

Our solution, vp.IR, does the same for IR professionals as CRM does for sales professionals. It is an essential tool for structuring Investor Relations work, facilitating information handling, meetings and data, etc. The solution ensures that relevant information about investors is made available to both IR professionals and management. This creates optimal conditions for investor care, reporting and effect measurement.

Web communication with the InvestorPortal

The InvestorPortal is a white label internet-based solution that enables your investors to manage contact data such as e-mail and subscribe to publications such as AGM notices, annual reports, newsletters etc. This enables you to communicate relevant information directly to investors by electronic means. In addition to the communication functionalities, the InvestorPortal enables investors to register for, submit proxy votes and issue power of attorney for AGMs. The InvestorPortal is Plug & Play and requires no IT development on your part.

We also offer an Investor Site hosting solution, a ready-to-use Investor Relations website solution targeting both your investors and potential investors with publicly available information.