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Registrar Services

Regulatory and statutory duties associated with managing a register are becoming increasingly complex. Together with the increasing demand for proactive investor management, this increases the need for a secure and automated and advanced register solution. To manage a register containing thousands investor records can be both difficult and time-consuming without proper system support automated processes in place.


Your benefits from our solutions

  • Fully automated and reliable registry solution to save time, and to reduce operational risk
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, local legislation and company articles
  • Online platform granting optimum data protection and accessible 24/7
  • User-friendly, fast, flexible and customised reporting in standard formats
  • Access to investor information ensuring proactive investor management 
  • An efficient starting point for all investor services e.g. AGMs, Investor Relations and  communication

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Automatic updating and reporting

Our automated registry solution, gives you full insight of investors and provides an efficient logistics platform for all investor services such as AGMs, Investor Relations and Investor Communication. The solution can receive investor data from various sources and in various formats with an automated data feed, reducing administration and operational risk. The solution provides accurate analyses and reporting at any time, releasing the analytical value of the data. The solution is internet-based with secure user access.