Agent Banks / VP Lux

Agent Banks

Issuers of bonds or investment funds require a high degree of professionalism from their Agent Banks and Transfer agents, assisting them in managing the lifecycle of the issue. VP LUX is a valuable securities services partner for Agent Banks when servicing issuers. Our infrastructure automates the entire lifecycle of a bond and is ideally suited for investment funds handling the issuances and redemptions, the distribution of proceeds, interest payments and ancillary administrative functions.


Your benefits from our solutions

  • Ability to serve as an outsourcing partner facilitating the Agent Banks’ business models and organising ancillary services such as proxy voting for funds 
  • Supporting Agent Bank compliance with procedural and statutory requirements through flexible reporting 
  • Compliance with rules and regulations protecting investors and the issuer
  • Fully automated corporate action processing and distribution including coupon and fund dividend distribution 
  • Personal support and expert counselling in connection with the issuance process


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Complete service

VP LUX employs a cost-effective, robust and streamlined support system for Agent Banks to take care of all processes in connection with a professional bond or investment fund issue including the distribution to the investors. Our services can be customised to fit internal Agent Bank processes and specific needs.

In addition to comprehensive experience and competences in connection with issuances, VP LUX provides personal relationship managers, providing a single point of contact for expert advice and services.

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