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Bond Issuance

A successful Eurobond or international bond issue is determined by an efficient distribution in the market. Issuers, as well as banks and mortgage companies acting as Issuing Agents, require solid and secure systems to register trades and holdings, calculate interest and redemption, and execute the necessary regulatory and tax reporting. The corporate finance department and legal advisors require a transparent solution with the reassurance of compliance with all rules and regulations as well as a reliable source of counselling.


Your benefits from our solutions

  • Euro-denominated bonds issued via VP LUX can be pledged against liquidity to any central bank in the Euro zone
  • Facilitation of efficient distribution among investors via our Clearing and Settlement system
  • Global distribution via links to important markets 
  • Administration services for Bond or noteholder meetings
  • Compliance with rules and regulations protecting investors and the issuer
  • Fully automated distribution of interest and redemption 
  • One point of contact for expert counselling and Issuing Agent services


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Complete service

VP LUX assists and supports all types of bond issues, e.g. standardised EMTN programmes, corporate bonds, covered bonds (SDO) and covered mortgage bonds (SDRO), mortgage bonds and government bonds with flexible and customisable solutions. Read more about how to implement VP LUX in an EMTN programme (PDF)

Our experience and competences, backed by secure and robust automated systems, ensure a streamlined and efficient issue process.  Through our network of links to the most important European Settlement venues, VP LUX ensures an efficient distribution to the targeted investor audience. Our services also include calculation and payment of interest and redemption.