TARGET2-Securities / VP Lux


Today cross border settlement of securities within Europe is typically more complex and costly than domestic settlement.

TARGET2-Securities (T2S) addresses these issues by creating a common platform for settlement of almost all types of securities and investment funds in Europe. The objective of the ECB-owned project is to integrate and harmonise the European securities settlement infrastructure in order to reduce the costs of cross-border securities settlement within the euro area and participating non-euro countries. T2S will also lead to increased choice amongst providers of post-trading services.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • VP LUX will be one of the first CSDs to join T2S, offering you the advantages of the unified and efficient settlement platform already from 2016 
  • T2S will allow VP LUX customers to benefit from harmonised settlement standards and low cross-border settlement fees for all current bonds issued or held on accounts with VP LUX
  • VP LUX will work together with Transfer Agents to facilitate settlement of investment funds issued or held on accounts with VP LUX through T2S, enabling Investment Funds to achieve a more efficient and widespread distribution

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Be prepared

By partnering with VP LUX you will be able to derive maximum benefit from T2S from the very beginning.