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Danish implementation of the amended Shareholder Rights Directive: Companies to experience significant changes


At the end of October 2018, a consultation process for the legislative package implementing the amendments to the Shareholder Rights Directive in Denmark commenced. At a joint meeting arranged by VP and DIRF (The Danish Investor Relations Association...

VP supports the share savings account from day one


Yesterday, The Danish Parliament (Folketinget) passed an Act giving Danes a new tax-privileged investment opportunity (Aktiesparekonto, or share savings account) as from 1 January 2019. VP Securities has already supported the new scheme by introducin...

The Board of Directors of VP Securities A/S has appointed Maria Hjorth as Deputy CEO


VP Securities wants to strengthen its position further in the market for Post Trade services.

Un-matched instructions


The Task Force established between VP SECURITIES, Danske Bank, Nordea and SEB still see a high number of un-matched instructions since 29 October 2018, instructed by custody clients.

Update on unmatched instructions after DKK joining T2S


DKK joined T2S Monday 29 October 2018 and the market as a whole is still experiencing an unusual large backlog of unmatched instructions which primarily originates from the first days after the migration. To find root causes for these unmatched instr...

Re-instructing pre-T2S transactions in Danish market with a new Intended Settlement Date


Please be informed that when going live with TARGET2-Securities in Denmark, a number of transactions with an intended settlement date prior to the go-live date, 29th October 2018, were left unsettled. Due to the TARGET2-Securities platform not suppor...

Update on issues post migration of DKK to T2S - 6 November


This is a follow up on our update from 1 November 2018 on the issues facing the market after the second phase of the migration of DKK to T2S with the first settlement day on the 29 October 2018.

Update on issues post migration of DKK to T2S


This is an update on the issues facing customers after the second phase of the migration to T2S with the first settlement day on the 29 October 2018.

Status på migreringen til


VP har i samarbejde med den finansielle sektor i weekenden den 27. og 28. oktober 2018 migreret danske kroner til TARGET2-Securities (T2S), en fælles europæisk afviklings platform for værdipapirer under Den Europæiske Centralb...

The first DKK settlement has taken place on T2S


Yesterday, Saturday, the first settlement in DKK took place on T2S. This not only marks a major milestone in the migration, but also proves that T2S is a true multi-currency system – since DKK is the first non-EUR currency to be settled on the ...